Be Beautiful For Good

From April 21-26, we're partnering with salons across the US and Canada for Sustainable Beauty Week to raise money for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Additionally, we will donate 10% of all carbon-neutral product sales on your behalf. Feeling better yet?

Invisible No Gas Spray

For shape forming, brushable looks

OI/ Absolute Beautifying Oil, Milk, Shampoo & Conditioner

Enriched with roucou oil, and 100% carbon neutral, the best-selling OI family of products ensures soft, shiny, nourished and beautifully healthy hair.

Carbon-Neutral Products

Many of our top performing products are also carbon-neutral.

Company Story

We're a family-owned hair care brand based in Parma, Italy and strive to balance beauty with sustainability.

"Davines is, and wishes to remain, a traditional artisan company which understands that people represent its basic wealth." - Davide Bollati, Owner

Minimal Plastic

We have developed a set of guidelines that strive to create packaging that is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Renewable Energy

We've been using renewable energy since 2006. Every product formulated, designed and produced by Davines is obtained with 100% clean energy.

Sustainable Beauty Day

Salons and their clients come together every year for a charitable project to support the environment.

Curl Building Serum

Hand-wrapping and for flexible, curly looks

Introducing Naturaltech replumping for your hair...

Featuring vitamin-rich plum phytoceauticals and hyaluronic acid - commonly used in skincare - naturaltech repluming offers scientifically advanced formulas for instantly fuller, stronger, silky hair.

Authentic Replenishing Butter

Formulated with 98% natural origin ingredients and organic safflower oil.